Tegan Holcombe

Qantas landing page thumbnail

Desktop design for landing page


Working off three proposed sketches I created the design of a landing page to be used a log in for either candidates or managers.

Fashion blog design

Blog design concepts

Polka Face

This project was a blog design for my sister who wanted to create a blog to demonstrate her talent writing about fashion and art

Goodwin website design

Website design


This website design was created during my time working at Grey. This site is a subset of the over arching Goodwin brand, which allowed some flexibilty with the overall design.

InsideOut website design

Website design


This design was created during my employment at Grey where the aim was to have a refreshing and modern feel. This was created by the use of the shapes as well as the animation that was employed when the carousel changed image.

Storymap concepts

Website concepts

ActewAGL Storymap

This project was a concept created during my time working at Grey for an interactive storymap for people to come and place a pin for a location of a story. People could then come to hover or click the pin to view the story as well as create their own